Alex P. Gates is a father of four OPS students, public school volunteer, PTA dad, technology entrepreneur, & candidate for the Omaha Public Schools Board of Education.

Gates for OPS // Meet Alex

Campaigning during a quarantine is tough. Since we won't have the opportunity to chat at your door, I recorded a short introduction so you can meet me and learn why I'm running for the Omaha Public Schools Board of Education.

Posted by Gates for OPS on Sunday, August 23, 2020
Alex P. Gates

Alex and Jamie Gates have made Omaha their home since 2008.

Alex works as a web developer and technology consultant, and Jamie is a program coordinator at a local non-profit.

Alex and Jamie have been very active in OPS since their oldest started kindergarten in 2011 by serving in various board positions with the Edison Elementary PTA and the Wilson Focus School PTO and representing their schools on the District Citizens Advisory Committee. Alex also teaches a weekly "Introduction to Computer Programming" to 3-6 grade students at Wilson Focus School every Tuesday afternoon.

In the fall, the Gates family will have a freshman at Central High School, a 7th grader at Lewis and Clark Middle School, a 3rd grader at Wilson Focus School, and a 1st grader at Edison Elementary.

Campaign News

Alex P. Gates believes in...

Meaningful community engagement

Strong public schools lead to strong communities. Parents and community members deserve clear communication and opportunities to share their skills to support our schools.

Parent / teacher organizations

OPS has strong parent / teacher organizations all across the district. These groups should be celebrated and supported with opportunities for these groups to cross-pollinate and share ideas.

Empowering educators

Educators know what their students need to succeed. They deserve an equal role in decision-making, strong administrative support, and competitive salaries.

Supporting school staff

Paraprofessionals and school staff play a vital and often unrecognized role in our schools. They deserve respect, fair wages, and all the support necessary to effectively do their jobs.

Every single student

There are over 54,000 students from a multitude of backgrounds. We have a responsibility to provide a quality education to every student at all skill levels and to work for racial and social justice in our city and our schools. Black lives matter.

Effective technology for home and school

Alex fully supports OPS' goal of 1:1 technology. We must provide high-quality professional-development and support for our educators, ensure devices remain up-to-date and functional, and make sure we're using the right software and services to meet our students' needs.

Responsible budgeting

We must be good stewards of taxpayer money and responsibly allocate our funds to maximize the impact on student achievement.

Being personally invested

Alex has four children in OPS and has been an involved parent for nearly a decade. Voters deserve to be represented by someone whose kids sit next to theirs in the lunchroom and someone who is deeply invested in the success of the school district.

Find your OPS Subdistrict

There are nine subdistricts in the Omaha Public School District. Alex is running to represent Subdistrict 3.

Get in Touch

Alex isn't scheduling in-person meetings until later this summer. Until then, you can schedule a phone call or video chat, email him at, or text him at (402) 514-7535.

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Gates for OPS at Benson Days 2016