Business Horizons Iowa & Alex P. Gates

By Jessi McQuerrey, Director of Programs, Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation

Many years ago, a high school-aged Alex Gates attended the 15th annual Business Horizons program as a representative of Le Mars High School in Iowa. Now celebrating its 38th year of serving high school students across the state, Business Horizons continues to thrive and meet the needs of students and workforce today in large part due to the incredible support and leadership of Alex Gates.

Alex has been an active volunteer and board member of Business Horizons, an essential component of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation, since 2013. Alex has donated countless hours of his time to our organization, not only by assisting with our board governance and program curriculum, but also through serving as a consultant and mentor to numerous high school students seeking an opportunity to learn and develop their leadership and workplace readiness skills.

Alex has been an asset to our volunteer team because he has a true gift and sincere excitement for teaching and engaging students in experiential learning. Regardless of geography, socio-economic background, knowledge or experience level, Alex works tirelessly with care and compassion to meet students’ needs and help them feel empowered and motivated to fulfill their goals – whether that be becoming a programmer, starting a company, or simply being a productive member of a team and more.

As a statewide non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the expertise of our board members to ensure that we are serving the needs our audiences: students, educators, and business and industry. As a long-time board member, Alex’s foresight, enthusiasm and innovation have paid dividends for the ABI Foundation. Alex’s passion for fusing technology into education in order to prepare students for the needs of our workforce today and in the future have led to great accomplishments for our foundation. Time and again we have benefited by Alex’s ability to successfully materialize on great ideas while embodying and maintaining a mission-driven mindset – invaluable qualities to any organization, governing entity, and team.

We are incredibly grateful for Alex’s incredible service to the ABI Foundation, and a tremendous number of students, educators, schools and communities across our state and beyond have profited by his involvement as well. He is a one-of-a-kind individual who leads with knowledge, purpose and passion. I have no doubt that he would serve on the OPS School Board with these same amazing qualities.

-Jessi McQuerrey, Director of Programs, Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation